Forging Bed

Forging Bed is a High-End Engineering Solutions company mastering in Designing and Additive Manufacturing

A “Never Say Die” attitude has always been key value of  company and has led to great Customer Experience 


Our Services

Driven by Challenge



Anything is Printable 

Whether it is an engineering or a robotic arm, we do it all. Our services offer a wide range of possibility for your customs marketing products such as jeweler, home decor, gifts, miniatures, etc.

Product Design

Ideas Turned Into Reality

Functional testing, concept design these are some of the expertises of 3d printing. We offer 3d printing solutions for hobbyists and manufacturers to achieve quick results from concept to product.

CAD 1.jpg

Low Volume Production

Industry Level Precision

Low volume of complicated design for batch production can cost a fortune to the organization.
This is where 3d printing takes leads. 
We offer services in this field that can provide complex designs with the best quality and in a small amount of time.


From Concept to Execution

Prototyping through 3d printing is reliable and viable, as product development and prototyping cost a lot .

Our High–end 3d Print Quality is suitable for all Models and Parts  for FSAE Teams

pjimage (1).jpg



March 29, 2017

A prototype of Main Center attraction of IIT Roorkee.

IIT Roorkee_edited_edited.jpg

Indian Army Mess Decor

March 29, 2017

Various Decor for  Various Regiment of Indian Army such as Cavalry Regiment, Airawat Brigade etc.

School Memento

March 29, 2017

"Symbol Of Faith, Symbol of Fearless"
A Momento for Dashmesh Public School, Bathinda


Motosport Club , Punjabi Univerty Patiala

March 29, 2017

3d Logo made for Motosport Club , Punjabi Univerty Patiala


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